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Swanson Shows Good Speed Thursday at LOR

BROWNSBURG, Ind., June 18 — Tanner Swanson showed good speed in the Nolen Racing No. 4 asphalt sprint car Thursday night at Lucas Oil Raceway, but mechanical difficulties pushed the team to 13th in the 40-lap feature’s final rundown.

The event was the “Thursday Night Thunder Homecoming” show in recognition of the “Thursday Night Thunder” TV program staged at this 0.686-mile oval in the past. Four-time NASCAR Cup champion Jeff Gordon was the honored guest.

A driveline problem reared its head on Swanson’s KECO Coatings-sponsored Beast during practice and forced the team to miss the first round of qualifying. The team worked hard to make what repairs they could considering they were on pit lane and not at their Whiteland, Ind.-based shop, and time was of the essence.

Swanson was able to go out for the second round of qualifying and in it he set the third-fastest combined two-lap run of anyone entered in the race. However, since it came during the second round of qualifying and not in the first round, he could start no higher than 11th.

Things got off to a great start in the 40-lap feature, as he had improved two positions to ninth when the first lap was completed after passing Brian Vaughn, who ended up sixth, and Shane Butler, who finished ninth. He passed two more cars driven by Justin Harper and Kyle O’Gara on lap two to rise to seventh, and was drawing a bead on Dakoda Armstrong, who went on to finish fifth, when the problem resurfaced.

He lost two positions on lap seven and was back in ninth when he rolled to a stop, brought out the race’s second full-course caution with eight laps down, and retired from the event.

Despite only running seven laps he set the fifth-fastest lap of the race on lap three with a time of 21.367 seconds with the yellow car, which is powered by a Tranter-prepared Chevy V8 engine.

The race was broadcast live on

“For having so few laps at speed this weekend the Nolen No. 4 car was promising and had speed,” said Swanson, who is from Kingsburg, Calif. “Unfortunately the mechanical issues plagued us and we were unable to capitalize on the speed we had. I am looking forward to coming back in August, and hopefully then we can show that speed that we expect.”

“Our car was never right after practice; the driveshaft pushed forward and pushed through the bottom of the yoke,” explained team owner Greg Nolen. “We tried to fix it, but it broke early in the race and he just coasted to a stop.”

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